Video analytic, human traffic/object  counting, object detection

Real-time analysis of live video feeds from CCTV cameras for object detection, counting.

Post analysis of recorded video clips and alert when detected objects appear and timestamp.

Applications include automatic suspicious object detection, human/object traffic monitoring and counting.

Facial recognition, identification and verification. Facial features (e.g. gender, age, facial emotion) detection

Highly accurate facial recognition algorithm, achieved a top six ranking in the latest 1:1 Identification (WILD, 1E-5) Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT).

Include 2D and 3D anti-spoofing features.

1:1 and 1:N face matching and personnel identification and verification, face features extraction such as gender, facial expressions, age.

Multiple operating platforms such as edge devices, smart phones, smart signage, server-based etc.

Numerous applications across industries, for example banking and finance, security and smart surveillance, automatic attendance taking,  access control,  marketing , insurance services etc.

Fleet Management System

Real-time fleet tracking, with unique accurate indoor tracking features when there is no GPS coverage , such as when vehicles enter tunnels , buildings’ sheltered carparks and underground carparks.

Historical routes recorded , up to 200,000 data logs.

Driving patterns recording, such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking, impact detection.

Geofencing reporting.

Can support remote real -time dashcam viewing, fuel level sensor, RFID reader, barcode.